What is the Full Form Of CCTV and how does it works

What is the Full Form Of CCTV? We have two popular C.C.T.V. Full Form which is famous globally. The first Full Form Of The CC TV Camera is most popular globally and second Full Name Of The CC Camera is famous in China because it’s a TV network.

Full Form Of CCTV

Closed Circuit Television

Full Form Of CCTV, CCTV Full Form

First "Full Form Of CCTV" is - Closed Circuit Television, which is a special camera device, designed to monitor a particular place. With this camera we can monitor any place and can watch live and recorded video as well because it comes with storage.

Now these day’s, CCTV camera using by all for ex. bank, railway station, airport, companies etc. CC Camera is also using by individual for personal use to take for home, on car dashboard to record video etc.

Why we need to use CCTV camera?

If you don’t know that why we need to use CCTV camera so I will consider you new in the era because we are using these camera’s for security purpose. This is very helpful to record as a proof of crime. Sometime hidden camera is so useful.

CCTV Camera Technology

In market you can find or can see different type of camera. Some of them using without internet while some of on internet which is called IP based camera.

IP based camera we use when we are not near to the station or our camera. IP based camera is very useful because we can see the current activity live on our computer or mobile phone as well with the help of internet.

CCTV Full Form

You can read about it more on Google. You may search on Google as “CCTV Full Form”.

China Central Television

Another CCTV Full Form is China Central Television which is largest TV network in China.

Full Form Of CCTV Closed Circuit Television
CCTV Full Form Closed Circuit Television
CCTV Camera Full Form Closed Circuit Television
What Is The C.C.T.V. Full Form China Central Television
What Is The Full Form Of The CC TV Camera Closed Circuit Television
What Is The Full Name Of The CC Camera Closed Circuit Television

What Is CCTV And How Does It Work?

Full Form Of CCTV, Closed Circuit Television refers to a visible or covert video system intended for only a limited number of viewers. In Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), the picture is viewed or recorded, but not broadcast.

It was initially developed as a means of security for banks and casinos; however, today it has been developed to the point where it is simple and inexpensive enough to be used with Home Security Systems, and for everyday surveillance.

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This is how CCTV Works ...

Full Form Of CCTV, closed-circuit television - a set up is usually used as part of the security system of homes and offices. It provides security to an establishment's perimeter area as well as indoors by the effective placement of cameras. Well how does CCTV work?

It is normally connected to a central monitoring center where every sensitive area can be effectively monitored.

There are different Types Of CCTV being used in different establishments. Setting them up may prove a speciality that only security experts may be able to do. But most of the CCTV systems available have the following two components:-

  • Movable Cameras.

Most cameras in CCTV systems are equipped with fixed focal length lenses. This means that they can't be used to zoom in or out in a certain area. But there are cameras that can be made to pan or tilt in order to cover a larger area.

The Types Of CCTV camera used will depend in the area that it will be surveying. Any good CCTV system starts with a good quality set of cameras. They become the eyes that will make monitoring at a central point more convenient.

Having a good camera system to rely on for a CCTV system, security personnel may require having lesser security rounds done just to keep the perimeter well-looked after.

  • Monitor.

What the camera sees would need to be displayed for all security personnel to see. The picture that cameras take at any one time should be reproduced and clearly seen at the control position.

This is the work of the CCTV monitor. It is somewhat like a TV set except that it does not have frequency tuning capabilities installed.

Just as technology is fast becoming more improved, CCTV systems also continue to improve. In fact there are many new advances that have help in the evolution of the standard CCTV system into a more sophisticated one.

For one, there are now CCTV systems that allow multiple camera recordings at any one time. There are also some CCTV systems that can now be sent through telephone lines.

Most business establishments and especially big companies are interested in web-enabled CCTV systems. These relatively new system now enables the security personnel to monitor and conduct surveillance of an establishment through the web.

This enables the personnel concerned to be able to check out what is happening through an Internet connection, no matter where he or she may be.

Closed-circuit television has proven itself to be an effective method of deterring burglars or intruders from doing their dirty deeds on establishments equipped with such security systems.

There are many uses for closed-circuit television (Full Form Of CCTV). CCTV can be used in order to monitor traffic. This is especially useful when checking out the traffic situation on a bridge is required.

A good CCTV system can also be used in other unique ways such as trying to recording the inside of a baking oven to find the cause of problems.

It can also be used to for hidden surveillance in public establishments. CCTV systems can also be used to help control production in a factory.

With the advance of CCTV systems using newer and better technologies, the use of such equipment would surely make every establishment feel more secure and safe, be it a home or office space.

CCTV systems today are able to help security personnel do a more effective job in providing surveillance and protection to anyone who might need it.

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What Types Of CCTV security camera should I use?

Full Form Of CCTV, CCTV Full Form

Choosing which Types Of CCTV security camera to use can be the most difficult decision in designing a video surveillance system.

There are many Types Of CCTV security cameras to choose from; including box cameras, bullet cameras, dome cameras, vandal proof cameras, and pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras.

You will have to take into consideration many factors when choosing the right security camera for your application. Whether you plan to install the cameras inside or outside will play a part in your decision, as there are many different Types Of CCTV camera housings to choose from.

Additionally, you must consider the light levels of the viewing area you desire, the distance of the viewing area from the camera, the size of the viewing area, and how much detail you desire on the image. You may just want general viewing of a particular area and more specific detail in another.

There are many types of lenses and sensors to choose from. Consult with a professional CCTV Installer to determine the best lens and camera for your application.

For example, an installation may consist of three or four types of  cameras, depending on the location and desired images from each camera. You may have an entrance or exit to your facility where you desire to capture detailed images of vehicles and/or license plates.

In this application, most CCTV Professionals would install a high-resolution box camera in a weatherproof housing with an adjustable or varifocal lens, allowing them to create the desired image size. Inside your facility, you may have low light levels that required some assistance from the camera to improve lighting conditions.

Depending on the light-level, some high-quality, low-light cameras can capture a good image and in other low-light situations, an infrared or IR camera is needed. Vandal Proof Cameras may be needed in high traffic areas where hooligans, vandals, and the like may try to damage your cameras.

As you can see from the few samples above, having a professional CCTV Installer involved in designing your Video Surveillance System, you will have a far better chance of achieving your desired goal.

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