What's Are The Best Greyhound Customer Service Phone Numbers Contact Lines

Greyhound Customer Service Number : This article included the best Greyhound Customer Service Phone Numbers contact lines support helpline. Please dial the accurate Greyhound Phone Number as per your issues related to Greyhound services.

Greyhound Customer Service Number

(For General Inquiries)

1-800-231-2222 (Dial from U.S. Toll Free)

2148498100 (Outside USA)

18005315332 (Español U.S.)

18003453109 (TTY/TDD)

Greyhound Phone Number

For Groups Of 10 Or More - 18444778747

For Lost Baggage - 2148496246

Greyhound Customer Service Phone Number

For Damaged Baggage - 2148496246

For Feedback -  2148498966

Greyhound Contact Number

To Report Unsafe Driving - 18007233287

For Road Rewards - 8779433530

Greyhound Phone Number To Buy Tickets


Greyhound Customer Service Number For Disabilities


Greyhound Customer Service Number For Refund 


Greyhound Phone Number To Claim For Missing Points 


Greyhound Customer Service Phone Number For News Media Inquiries 


Greyhound Contact Number For TV and Film Inquiries 


Greyhound Customer Service Number For Advertising, Marketing and Sponsorship 


Greyhound Customer Service Number For Bus Charters  


Greyhound Customer Service Number For Packages Express  


Greyhound Phone Number For Greyhound Travel Business 


Some Important Numbers

Greyhound Phone Number To Buy Tickets 1-800 -661-TRIP (8747)
Greyhound Corporate Office Phone Number N/A
Greyhound Customer Service Number Atlanta Ga 1-800-231-2222
Greyhound Customer Service Chicago Number 1-800-231-2222, 2148498100
Greyhound Customer Service Complaints Number 1-800-231-2222
Greyhound Bus Station Customer Service Number +1-214-849-8100
Greyhound Customer Service Email N/A
Greyhound Customer Service Number Refund 2148498966
Greyhound Customer Service Telephone Number 1-800-231-2222
Greyhound Customer Service Lines 1-800-231-2222
Greyhound Customer Service Number NYC 1-800-268-9000
Greyhound Contact Number NYC 1-800-268-9000
Greyhound Customer Service 800 Number 1-800-231-2222
Greyhound Bus Customer Service Number +1-214-849-8100
Greyhound Bus Contact Number +1-214-849-8100

Greyhound Corporate Office Addresses

U.S. Office -

Greyhound Lines, Inc
P.O. Box 660362
Dallas, TX 75266

Mexico Office -

Greyhound Mexico
Juan Aldama Sur 924
Col. Centro, Monterrey N.L. Mexico

About Greyhound

Greyhound's notable image is synonymous with moderate long distance travel in North America and a one of a kind national network. Greyhound Inc. established in the year of 1914. Greyhound Lines, Inc. is the biggest supplier of intercity transport transportation, serving in excess of 2400 goals crosswise over North America with a cutting edge, ecologically inviting armada. It has turned into an American symbol, giving protected, pleasant, verified and reasonable travel to in excess of 16 million travelers every year in the United States (USA) and Canada. The Greyhound running dog is one of the most-perceived brands on the planet.

How Do I Speak To Someone At Greyhound?

You can Speak To Someone At Greyhound with a live person by calling the Greyhound Customer Service Numbers mentioned above as your requirement and related queriers. (1-877)943 3530 - Greyhound Phone Number is the best contact support no. to speak with a live agent. After dialing this number you have to wait few minutes on the line.

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How Do I File A Complaint Against Greyhound?

To File A Complaint Against Greyhound as per your queriers, you pleased to compose a well written professional letter explaining about your problems that you are facing. Please make sure that all spelling are correct. After that just send the same to Greyhound corporate office address. It may take a few days, but a good written letter with a valid reason definitely get a response.

How Do I Get A Refund For My Greyhound Ticket?

1. To Get A Refund For Your Greyhound Ticket please ensure that your ticket to decide if you are qualified for a discount. You bought either a refundable or non-refundable one. This ticket class will decide if you may get a refund of your cash.

2. Check the date on the ticket to ensure it isn't over one year old. Greyhound won't issue refund for tickets over one year past their buy date.

3. Go to the terminal where you bought the ticket. Turn your ticket in at the ticket counter and you will be given a refund, short a 20 percent wiping out charge.

4. How to get a refund : Just send your original tickets with a good written letter describing a valid  reason that why you need a refund. Please make sure that you have included your address and contact information details in the letter. And finally send the letter to the following address -

Greyhound Lines, Inc.
P.O. Box 660691, MS 470
Dallas, TX 75266-0691.

Or on the other hand,

If you are facing any issues related to refund for Greyhound services you please dial the Greyhound Customer Service Number - (214) 849 8966 or may get in touch with Greyhound Customer Service online help portal.

How Much Is A Greyhound Ticket?

In light of Greyhound Bus Lines normal ticket costs and request history, the organization's normal transport ticket cost is around $114. The most ideal approach to get a good deal on Greyhound Bus Lines tickets is by booking 25 days out from your movement date when the normal cost is around $61.

Can I Get On A Greyhound Bus Without An Id?

The Greyhound Bus organization were to advance you a standardized identification quite often the transport administrator don't request an I.D., on the grounds that through a phone one needs to introduce their I.D. Thus, the explanation you are not request I.D, rather they just examined the standardized identification of your phone.

Do Greyhound Busses Get Cancelled?

Continuously check Bus Tracker through Greyhound.com to perceive how your particular timetable will be impacted by the climate. In the event that your bus will be cancelled, if you don't mind carry your tickets to the station after Greyhound revive and resume administration so they can rebook or refund your tickets.

Do Your Bags Get Searched On Greyhound?

They for the most part request the bar code and name. You get your ticket. At that point they will inquire as to whether you have any extra things other than your knapsack, on the off chance that you do, at that point they gauge it and put a tag on it. When the transport shows up, give your baggage to the person there (beside the transport). He will place it in the capacity part of the transport. Just demonstrate your ticket to the driver and board the transport. They don't any security for bags. Nobody approached for an id. With the goal that will be a 'No'.

Can I Bring A Pillow On A Greyhound Bus?

Greyhound transports are agreeable, however in the event that you sit on them for over four to five hours the ride can turn into a genuine torment. The seats do lean back very far back, so you may have the option to get some great rest. Indeed, even short transport rides can be awkward, yet traversing the nation on the transport can make your neck hurt actually gravely without a Pillow. So you can Bring A Pillow On  Greyhound Bus or even better, a neck pillow if you have one. Eye cover and earplugs are additionally very helpful in Greyhound Bus journey.

Can You Take Alcohol On A Greyhound Bus?

There's no smoking permitted on the Greyhound Bus (it's against government law). Be that as it may, don't stress, their buses stop about at regular intervals so you can have a smoke outside. In any case, totally You Can't Take Alcohol, medications or weapons anyplace on the bus (including in your checked things). This is a stickler for Greyhound Bus – no uncontrollable conduct on the bus.

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