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Doordash Customer Service Number : This post will rundown down some valuable Doordash Phone Number Customer Service, Doordash Phone Numbers and asset joins, from where you can get help from DoorDash Customer Service support agent. DoorDash takes customer support truly. Regardless of whether you're a customer, merchant or driver, you ought to have no issue discovering answers to the inquiries you go over while utilizing the application.

Doordash Customer Service Number

(855) 973-1040

Doordash Phone Number Customer Service

+1 650-681-9470

Doordash Phone Number

+1 (844) 285-0248

Doordash Customer Service Number, Doordash Phone Number

Doordash Contact Number

(844) 285-0248

Doordash Customer Service Telephone Number

(855) 973-1040

Doordash Customer Service Email

Doordash Head Office Address

DoorDash Inc.,
116 New Montgomery St,
4th Floor
San Francisco,
CA 94105,
United States.

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Some Important DoorDash Customer Service Number Support Contact Office Helpline Phone No., Email, Chat For Customers, Merchants And Drivers

Doordash Customer Service Number (855) 973-1040
Doordash Customer Service Number For Drivers (844) 285-0248
Contact Number For Doordash (855) 973-1040
Contact Doordash By Phone (855) 973-1040
Doordash Customer Support Phone Number (855) 973-1040
Doordash Contact Phone Number (855) 973-1040
Doordash Phone Number Support (855) 973-1040
Doordash Office Phone Number (855) 973-1040
Doordash Customer Service Email Id

About DoorDash

One of the privately held most prevalent food delivery services is DoorDash. DoorDash is an innovation organization that associates individuals with the best in their urban areas." DoorDash food delivery startup began in Palo Alto, California, in 2013. Since at that point, the organization has developed extensively. In March 2018, the fellow benefactors declared that they got more than $535 million in subsidizing. The DoorDash organization established by Tony Xu, Andy Fang, Stanley Tang and Mr. Evan Charles Moore. They have now crossed more than 850+ employees.

DoorDash first propelled it in Palo Alto. From that point forward, the organization has stretched out its administrations to cover in excess of 600 urban areas in North America. Right now serving more than 800 urban communities in 78+ markets in the U.S. what's more, Canada including: San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Washington DC, Toronto, Atlanta, Austin, Bellevue, Boston, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York, Orange County, Pasadena, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Palo Alto, Peninsula, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego and Vancouver.

How Do I Cancel My Doordash Order?

In the upper right corner of your screen, select the symbol of the individual with the headset on. Tap the "cancel order" catch towards the base of your screen to cancel the order. On the off chance that you need to cancel after the café has begun making the order, if you don't mind contact Doordash Customer Service Number and support group.

How Do I Change My Location On Doordash?

1. Just open DoorDash on your Android. It's the white symbol with a bended red line inside. You'll for the most part discover it on the home screen or in the application cabinet.

2. Discover the menu. It's at the base of the screen.

3. Presently simply tap "Account".

4. Presently go to "Addresses".

5. Quest for your new address. Use the hunt bar in the screen.

6. Enter the new address and spare it.

7. Include extra data about the address. If there's a loft or unit number, enter it into the ″Apt/Suite Number″ clear. In the event that the conveyance driver needs certain directions to convey the request, (for example, an entryway code), enter that into the ″Delivery Instructions″ clear.

8. Tap Save Address. It's at the base of the screen. The new address is currently your default address. The default address is the one that shows a check mark on its correct side.

  • To choose an alternate location as the default, tap it.
  • To erase a location, swipe left on it.

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Can I Get A Refund From Doordash?

1. If you're delivery is over an hour they late they just offer you a delivery expense in credits, this reaches from 1-7 in credits and NOT a refund.

2. If you're delivery is feeling the loss of a thing they give you the expense of the thing in credits, NOT a refund.

3. Get delivery an wrong thing?: If they deliver you a serving of mixed greens when you needed a cheeseburger they give you a convey expense in credits running from 1-7, NOT a refund.

4. Café shut?: They simply drop the request, put the sum in credits and you won't know until you're stomach is yelling.

They truly push to give you minimal measure of credits conceivable and, as I would see it, on the off chance that you don't get what you requested, at that point it's just ideal to recover your cash.

How Much Do Doordash Drivers Make?

The DoorDash site claims up to $25/hour, which may be a stretch for generally advertises. Be that as it may, you are ensured a minimum $10/hour. In the uncommon case you make less than $10/hour, DoorDash pays the distinction. The normal compensation per request is $5, in addition to anything you make from tips.

Do Doordash Drivers See Your Tip?

No dashers do not see your individual tip. Currently dashers only see the accumulated tips on their week by week synopsis. The week after week outline separates the sums paid by DoorDash and the sum paid in tips.

What If My Doordash Order Is Wrong?

In the event that a delivered order was missing item(s), had erroneous item(s) or order is wrong, at that point please present a report to the DoorDash Customer Service support group and Doordash Customer Service Number.

Can U Pay Doordash With Cash?

Drivers will accept a cash tip obviously, however you can't pay for your request without utilizing a debit or credit card.

How Do I Contact Doordash Support?

Doordash Customer Service Number, Doordash Phone Number

The "Doordash Customer Service Number" is :- (855) 973 1040. You can call DoorDash Phone Number for assistance whether you're a customer, dasher, or café. When you call the number, you'll hear a message that gives you four choices -

Press "1" in case you're a café that works with DoorDash (or is keen on an organization).

Press "2" in case you're a DoorDash customer need help.

Press "3" in case you're a DoorDash Dasher needing support.

Press "4" in case you're keen on turning into a Dasher seeking for help.

When you make your determination, DoorDash will move you to a live help agent. Note that you might be put on hold in case you're calling during a bustling time, for example, lunch or supper hours. Try not to surrender, in any case, as a help rep will in the end get to you.

Can I Edit My Doordash Order?

On the off chance that you need to edit an order, you can tap "Help" and select "Make changes in accordance with this order" if the order has not been affirmed by the restaurant yet.

How Do You Unassign A Doordash Order?

You can unassign an order by doing the accompanying: For Dashers with android phones: Click the Help catch in the upper right-hand corner of the dasher application Under Picking Up, tap Unassign this Delivery.


Doordash Customer Service Number - (855) 973 1040, is the best DoorDash Phone Number to get the best customer service solutions. If you are searching for more data and information you can just visit to DoorDash Official Site.

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