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APS Phone Numbers : What Does APS Stand For In Arizona? Its, "Arizona Public Service" shortly known as (APS). APS Company is the biggest electric utility in United States. It provides some "APS Customer Service Number"s for the customers who need various data and information related to APS service related queriers. Please find below the APS Customer Service Phone Numbers, APS Contact Number, Email address and customer service support working hour details. Please dial the accurate "APS Phone Numbers" to get the best customer service solutions.

APS Phone Numbers

602-371-7171 (metro Phoenix)

APS Customer Service Number

800-253-9405 (other areas)

APS Phone Numbers, APS Customer Service Number

APS Customer Service Phone Number Credit Line

602-371-7607 (metro Phoenix)


800-253-9409 (other areas)

APS Contact Number For Business

602-371-6767 (metro Phoenix)


800-253-9407 (other areas)

APS Phone Number To Pay Bill Payment

602-371-6555 (metro Phoenix)


866-776-0445 (other areas) 

APS Phone Numbers For Solar Line

602-216-0318 (metro Phoenix)


800-659-8148 (other areas)

APS Phone Numbers For
Outage Hotline

602-371-3680 (metro Phoenix)


855-688-2437 (other areas)

APS Phone Numbers For

602-371-6140 (metro Phoenix)


800-253-9407 (other areas)

APS Phone Numbers For Resident Support 


APS Phone Numbers Spanish 


APS Customer Service Number TDD


APS Phone Numbers Emergency



602-258-5483 (For metro Phoenix) 


800-253-9408 (For other areas)

APS Customer Service Hours

Please dial the "APS Phone Numbers" from Monday to Saturday between 7am to 7pm PST for best customer service support.

APS Customer Service Email Address


APS Online Chat Service

APS Online Chat Service live available anytime between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on weekdays.

APS Customer Service Support Department Address

PO Box 2906,
AZ 85062-2906

APS Mailing Address

P.O. Box 53933,
Sta. 3200,
AZ 85072-3933.

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Some Important APS Customer Service Helpline Contact Phone Numbers

  • APS Phone Number Az - 602-371-7171, 800-253-9405

  • APS Phone Number 602 - 602-371-7171

  • APS Phone Number Yuma Az - (1800) 240-2014

  • APS Phone Number Phoenix Az - 602-371-7171

  • APS Customer Service Number Flagstaff - +1 800-253-9407

  • APS Electric Phone Number - 602-371-7171, 800-253-9405

  • APS Customer Service Arizona Number - 602-371-7171, 800-253-9405

  • APS Customer Service Number - 602-371-7171, 800-253-9405

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About APS 

APS Phone Numbers, APS Customer Service Number

What Is APS Electricity? : Arizona Public Service Company is the biggest electric utility in Arizona, USA, and the central backup of traded on an open market S&P 500 part Pinnacle West Capital Corporation, which thus had been in the past named AZP Group, when Arizona Public Service rearranged as that holding organization in 1985. The Company produces and conveys power to private and business segments. APS has in excess of 6000 workers. Mr. Donald E Brandt "Don" is the Administrator/CEO and Mr. Jeffrey B Guldner "Jeff" is the President of APS.

APS is Arizona's biggest and longest serving electric utility, giving capacity to about 1.2 million clients in 11 of the state's 15 provinces. APS has shown a solid promise to their clients in one of the nation's quickest developing states, acquiring a notoriety for consumer loyalty, investor esteem, operational greatness and business trustworthiness. Their prosperity gets from the inventive and devoted individuals of the organization who exhibit the guiding principle of responsibility, security, respectability, and trust and regard. At APS, they center each day around the vision - "Making a practical vitality future for Arizona." The organization will keep on gathering the vitality needs of their customers with a strong blend of cost and service. They have multiple projects such as Hyder Solar Plant II, Gila Bend Solar, Foothills Solar Plant and Foothills Solar Plant located at Arizona.

Where Can I Pay My APS Bill?

You can pay your APS Bill payment in four ways :-

Pay By Phone : The APS Customer Service Number for payments is 602-371-6555 in the Phoenix territory or you can likewise call "APS Phone Numbers" 866-776-0445 in different territories of the state.

Pay Online : You can pay the APS Bill payment through online with the following link -

Pay In Person : APS gives advantageous choices to pay face to face through APS payment accomplices. Here is the procedure that "How Do You Pay Your APS Bill In Person"?

  • At first just click on the "Pay With Cash," option - pick one-time payment bill choice and go through the steps below -

  • Enter your APS account number, payment sum and select CASH.

  • To get your reuseable EZ-Payslip have it messaged or emailed to you or print it out. 

  • Visit any area of the retailer recorded on your EZ-Payslip. At that point present the payslip to the clerk who can examine it directly from your telephone or printed duplicate. 

  • You will get a receipt with an affirmation number from the clerk or text/email (if you pick that choice). 

Pay By Mail : Send your APS Bill payment to the accompanying location - APS, P.O. Box 2906, Phoenix, AZ 85062-2906.

Does APS Have M Power? 

Truly, it is ! In APS Salt River Project, which parts metro Phoenix with APS for power administration, has a prepayment alternative for private clients called M Power, which has in excess of 150,000 members. 

How Late Can I Pay My APS Bill?

In the event that you can't to pay your bill by the due date, you can set up a payment 
arrangement online by logging into your APS account or calling "APS Phone Numbers". Bills that are viewed as late will be evaluated a 1.5% late charge (may be for 18% yearly). In the event that you have entered an installment course of action, you won't be charged a late expense except if you break the payment plan. On the off chance that your account is on Budget Billing and is charged a late expense, your account will be expelled from Budget Billing and the result balance will be put on the following tab. 

Is APS Deposit Refundable? 

Normally, stores will be checked on following two years of administration and returned unless, during the previous a year -

  • Your account has at least two late payments. 

  • Your account was detached for default. 

  • Your business has sought financial protection. 

  • Your business' budgetary condition warrants an augmentation of the security store. 

On the off chance that your account meets all requirements for a store return, your store assets will be applied to your standard bill. On the off chance that you stop administration before your store is restored, the assets will be applied to your last bill and any residual balance will be discounted following 25 schedule days as a check kept in touch with the customer on account. 

What Does APS Charge Per Kwh? 

The APS normal private power rate in Arizona is 11.29¢ Per kWh. 

Does APS Buy Back Solar Energy? 

APS customers are getting a charge out of the budgetary advantages that confess all APS sun powered vitality with 20 years of old solar based rates. APS to reexamine their solar energy buyback rate each September. In 2017, APS expelled net metering, the program that offered a 1-to-1 credit for any overabundance energy sent back to the framework. The present projects have a set buyback pace of 12.9 cents per kWh. This rate is presently being rethought, as it will each year going ahead.

What Are APS Holidays?

On-Peak Hours From Monday to Friday
between 3pm to 8pm
Off-Peak Hours From Monday to Friday
between 8pm to 3pm,
all day on weekends
and 10 holidays
Super Off-Peak Hours From Monday to Friday
between 10am to 3pm
during the winter
(November to April)
10 Holidays New Year's Day,
Martin Luther King Jr. Day,
Memorial Day,
Independence Day,
Labor Day,
Presidents' Day,
Cesar Chavez Day,
Veterans Day,
Thanksgiving Day
and Christmas Day

Please visit APS Official Website for more info.

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