About IRS Phone Number । IRS Customer Service Number And IRS Customer Service Phone Number Details

About IRS Phone Number । IRS Customer Service Number And IRS Customer Service Phone Number Details

Searching for IRS Phone Numbers ? Find IRS Customer Service Numbers in a easy way with the help of this post. Get below those for your help.

IRS Phone Number, IRS Customer Service Number
IRS Phone Number

IRS full form is Internal Revenue Service. Connect with IRS Customer Service office through the accompanying IRS Phone Numbers for best customer service support, web-based social networking, contact frame and live visit. For more data about wages and salary, business and claim to fame charge, discounts, government installment require program, assess experts and accumulations, call the IRS Customer Service Phone Numbers recorded beneath. 

The Internal Revenue Service, IRS is the income administration of the United States  national government. The yearly spending plan of IRS is arround 11 billion dollar and approximately 80 thousand representatives work in this association. IRS was found in the year 1862 of July 1st. Its head office situated at 1111 Constitution Ave, NW, Washington, DC. The setup of IRS offices was done in 1862 and after at that point, it has turned out to be one of the conspicuous income offices which is in charge of directing different administrations identified with assessment accumulation including corporate salary impose, extract charge, work impose etc. 

IRS is very in charge of gathering duty, for example, extract assess, business charge, corporate pay impose, and so on. At first, it works under the specialist of the United States Department of the Treasury. Alongside this, it additionally handles corporate, blessing, extract and estate charges with emotionally supportive network of inward income benefit telephone number. The regular citizens who make good on Government obligation can get IRS Phone Numbers, IRS Customer Service Phone Numbers, IRS Customer Service Email address and so on. Please call the IRS Telephone Number and IRS Contact Number to get the best customer service solutions.

IRS Customer Service Phone Number

(customer service support)

(Canada and United States)

IRS Customer Service Number

(customer service and support)


IRS Phone Number

(customer service support)




IRS Number

(Business Accounts)

IRS Telephone Number

(Tax Professionals)

IRS Contact Number

(Collections Department)

(866) 562-5227FBAR
(IRS Phone Number for Disaster or Combat Zone Special Hotline)

(866) 270-0733
(IRS Phone Number for Title 31 Help Line)

(800) 829-4933
(IRS Phone Number for Business and Specialty Tax Line)

(IRS Phone Number for Wage & Income Transcript)

(800) 829-1040
(IRS Phone Number for IRS Tax Help Line for Individuals)

(800) 829-4933
(IRS Customer Service Number for
Business and Specialty Tax Line)

(866) 860-4259
(IRS Customer Service Number for
Practitioner Priority Service, Practitioners Only)

(866) 255-0654
(IRS Customer Service Phone Number for e-Help, Practitioners Only)

(800) 829-1954
(IRS Customer Service Phone Number for Refund Hotline)

(800) 829-4933
(IRS Phone Number for Employer Identification Number,EIN)

(866) 699-4096
(IRS Phone Number for Excise Tax and Form 2290 Help Line)

(800) 829-3676
(IRS Customer Service Phone Number for Forms and Publications)

(877) 777-4778
(IRS Customer Service Phone Number for National Taxpayer Advocate Help Line)

(800) 829-4059
(IRS Phone Number for Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD) Forms, Tax Help, TAS)

(800) 555-4477
(IRS Phone Number for Electronic Federal Tax Payment System)

(877) 829-5500
(IRS Phone Number for Tax Exempt and Government Entities (TEGE) Help Line)

(800) 829-4477
(IRS Phone Number for TeleTax Topics and Refund Status)

(866) 699-4083
(IRS Phone Number for Forms 706 and 709 Help Line)

(866) 455-7438
(IRS Telephone Number for Information Return Reporting)

(IRS Phone Number for Federal Payment Levy Program)

(800) 829-1954
(IRS Phone Number for Refund Hotline)

IRS Customer Service Email

(online customer service)

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Contact IRS Customer Service Through Social Network 

(online customer service)

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